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I'm not too sure that people read these but Imma keep writing for some reason. So I'm back after a lil hiatus and I think I'm still progressing as an artist. I'm trying out different techniques and processes for my drawings and I think I'm slowly but surely finding my niche. Now I'm trying to put together a comic. Nothing too long or complex just a simple, couple-paged comic so I can incorporate my writing with my drawing. So I've got some ideas but I'm indecisive about em. So I need you guys to help me pick one (or a couple if they come out good). Here's some possible plots that I've been thinking of.

1. A girl getting ready for beach season picks up some bronzer from the store to give herself some color. Turns out, wherever she applies the lotion, she grows massive muscles.
2. A gal is approached after a workout by some shady, beefy dude. He gives her a supplement that causes her to instantly grow muscular.
3. Any one of my FMG stories shortened into a comic.
4. Any ideas that you guys have (be creative!!!)

If you guys could comment and pick one or give me an idea of your own I will start working on it as soon as the theme feels do-able.
Hi everyone!!

I've been writing a little more than I've been drawing. Unfortunately, my more uhhh "hormonal" side got the best of my when writing some of them and they became less of strict FMG stories and more of FMG/sex stories and I can't post most of them here because they're a little less safe for work than my drawings. So, if girls growing giant muscles and those girls having sex are your sort of things check some of my new stories out at…

also, if you could comment and critique on them i would reeeeeally appreciate it.

Thanks errybody :D
So, I just uploaded a fan fiction FMG story of Family Guy along with a couple of sketches. The story is about Meg getting her hands on a juice box that Stewie altered to help him beat up a playground bully. This juice box causes her to grow titanic muscles and a few inches in height. I was wondering if anyone that liked the story could help me out with the drawing side of the story. I have 3 sketches of Mega Meg in my gallery and wanted to know if anyone would want to color them for me? I'm planning on adding a few more chapters to the story where Lois and possibly other ladies in the Quahog get juice boxes and with them I'll add some more drawings. Send me a message if anyone is willing to help me out. Thanks everybody!!
soooo i've sorta stumbled into a little drawers block and can't seem to think of any good sexy characters to draw all buffed up and what not. so what i'm asking of my followers is to post a comment of either a character from a movie, tv show, comic etc or ideas for a character with a description of what she would look like.

So as some people know I've been trying to practice a lot lately because I'm writing a comic and I really like the story so I would like for the pictures to be as good. Anyway, I've put up some sketches of some girls for anatomy practice and was wondering if some people could help me out by commenting on them telling me what they like and what they think could be better. Thanks a lot everyone!!!!
So I've basically stopped publishing pics because lately I've just been practicing on my human anatomy. Before I would sort of lay down the basic "frame" of a lady and whatever I drew was based on the "beach muscles" like bi's and pec's, but now I'm starting to understand which muscle overlaps the other and where each head attaches. I'm still learning and trying to suck up all the knowledge I can because I've written a comic that I want to put together. The only problem is that I have the story down and I think it could be very good but the attempts I've made just all look like shit honestly; I can't seem to get the proportions right. So I'm gonna keep working on the anatomy and was wondering if anyone had any tips, guides, books, websites, anything that can help me out and help make my work a little more realistic. Thanks, everyone for reading, helping me out, and appreciating my muscular women as much as I do!!! :D