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Natalie and the Pumpsuit - Chapter 11
"Natalie Marsh - 💪❤️💋💪 - 19 - 5'6" - Taken by PumpLabs ;) - Life begins when your comfort zone ends!" 
Natalie's Instagram page. With the flick of a thumb, one could see a patchwork timeline of a beautiful blonde girl packing on muscle, now teetering on female bodybuilder territory. 19,000 followers and growing. 
'#TBT' - Back to Natalie's figure days. Her slender, endless legs stretched out of some hot pants. Her smile beamed brightly, yet her body seemed flat - uneventful - her soft and smooth arms looked like a Barbie doll's. Her lack of upper body mass made her hips look larger, despite never daring to try a dead-lift for fearing of widening them. Tiny knots of muscle on her shoulders did little to stretch her matching workout bra. Her high heels brought her glutes into their signature bubble butt. 
Swipe to the next image. Natalie was post-pump and her freshly ripened muscles poured out of her skin-tight bodysuit. Her
:iconpoddy90:Poddy90 16 14
Natalie and the Pumpsuit - Chapter 10
(A/n) Guess who's back?
"My hands - they won't stop shaking." Rachel whispered with nervous anticipation as she pulled her t-shirt over her venom-soaked body.
"Mine neither." Natalie replied. She curled her fingers into small fists and saw the dense sinews in her forearm jostle for space. Natalie’s pumpsuit clung to her tighter than she’d ever felt, its amorous grip and venomous teeth so deeply embedded in her muscles she felt almost naked as they entered the well-attended studio. Despite her baggy tank-top, her chest felt as though it stuck a metre out in front of her. Her restless muscles were pumped-up so tightly, that each and every irresistible flex felt like it would send them bursting out of her suit.  "But it's a good thing - don't lose your pump. Keep your intensity high and your weights heavy." Natalie began piling stacks of 20 kilogram plates beside her gym mat and barbell. Rachel followed her lead.
The door swung open and the sprightly instructor bou
:iconpoddy90:Poddy90 40 6
Natalie and the Pumpsuit - Chapter 9
Rachel's tiny red t-shirt already looked tighter around her slender frame. She was practically skipping to the gym. Her perky breasts swayed higher and prouder than before, and her belt clung tightly to the hot pants around her tiny, 26 inch waist. Determination burned in her eyes. Natalie meanwhile, tailed behind, trying not to tense her aching abs.
“You know how a sauna works, right?” Rachel asked slowing her pace and adjusting her thick-rimmed glasses.
“You climb naked into a wooden box, get sweaty and avoid eye contract with a bunch of strangers, yeah I’m familiar.”
No – I mean why they work, why they’re good for you?”
Natalie was indifferent, but shrugged out of courtesy.
“The pores in your skin - they open up when they are subjected to a lot of heat and moisture. When your pores are open, your body can sweat out all of the toxins, dirt and other stuff that’s gotten in to your skin. In pretty ancient times a
:iconpoddy90:Poddy90 28 10
Mature content
Natalie and the Pumpsuit - Chapter 8 Pt.2 :iconpoddy90:Poddy90 30 7
Natalie and the Pumpsuit - Chapter 8 Pt.1
(A/n) So this’ll be it for a couple of months I’m afraid. Hopefully it will tide you over into the summer. Enjoy!
Chapter 8
Natalie made sure everything was perfect.
The lights were dimmed low and a strategic smattering of candles smothered all corners of her bedroom in a dancing orange hue. One pumpsuit lay ceremonially on the bed, its creases smoothed out. Natalie had already wrapped herself inside her own - ready for the initiation.
A variety of dumbbells were in neat rows against the wall, two exercise mats were rolled out parallel, sweat towels were folded alongside the tubs of PumpLabs supplements and cleaned shakers. She’d pushed her bed against the wall to widen the floor space and set a spare mirror opposite the wardrobe mirror to allow for a full view of her front and back.
Taking one concluding inspection, she glanced down at her naked legs.
She pointed her manicured toes into the carpet and watched her leg swell as the flattering candlelight slavere
:iconpoddy90:Poddy90 42 4
Mature content
Natalie and the Pumpsuit - Chapter 7 :iconpoddy90:Poddy90 33 7
Natalie and the Pumpsuit - Chapter 6
Three months later, the awkward relationship continued.
Natalie’s curiosity had over-stayed its welcome. She’d wanted to approach (or confront, she struggled to decide on the more appropriate word) since the beginning of the month, only the skinny girl had become as scarce as her gawking subtlety.
Becoming more muscular by the day had been life-changing but isolating. The ogling meatheads had swollen in numbers and had forced Natalie to change her schedule. Their jibes were easily ignored, although on the worse days she felt claustrophobic amongst the bustling swarm of bloated, sneering bodies. Their macho bewilderment stank, and she didn’t receive much in the way of support. Not that she needed it - she now bench-pressed and bicep-curled more than the slender minority who weren’t on steroids.
She could only share the candid truth behind her growth with the elusive PumpLabs ‘performance evaluators’ who covertly interviewed her behind th
:iconpoddy90:Poddy90 26 11
Natalie and the Pumpsuit - Chapter 5
(A/n) Thank you to Koopa16 once again, and Mechhead, CGMan and Zimrathon, I hope you and everyone else who's kindly favourited and began watching this story enjoy this rather large chapter! 
Chapter 5
The day working in her mother’s corner shop came and went in a blur. Natalie dashed home, gulped down the two post-supplements (which were also tasteless and a bit lumpy) as per the instructions, which she stuffed in her backpack and spent every private moment reading, re-reading, then re-reading again. Her mind and her body felt out of synchrony, despite the overwhelmed pleasure of her morning workout, the euphoria seemed like a distant memory, poorly disguised as sheer denial.
An over-sized mound of stock from deliverymen had awaited her at the store – which meant Natalie’s Mum spent the day shouting down the phone, which put her in a bad mood, and would have normally irritated Natalie too if she hadn’t been too busy letting her physiotherapy t
:iconpoddy90:Poddy90 35 4
Mature content
Natalie and the Pumpsuit - Chapter 4 :iconpoddy90:Poddy90 35 3
Natalie and the PumpSuit - Chapter 3
**”Start the growth already!” I hear you cry!
You got it. A quick thank you to Koopa16 again! Hope you enjoy this one

Chapter 3 – Everyone remembers their first
Natalie preferred it when the gym was quiet and Monday mid-mornings were usually just that. But usually, the Monday morning meatheads were also long gone by 10am. Instead, the weights area rung with the sound of clanking metal, exaggerated grunts and macho banter.
“Great” Natalie huffed. “The day just gets better and better.” She knew they’d soon be gone, off to don their hard hats or black ties and puffy jackets – all they seemed to boast about was their work and their weights. Cardio would help pass the time, though the only thing she really wanted to throw some weights around herself.
Wasting no time, she deftly hopped onto the stair-master machine for her cardio. She’d already decided that every step would be a crushing bo
:iconpoddy90:Poddy90 35 2
Natalie and the PumpSuit: Chapter 2
Natalie and the PumpSuit: Chapter 2 - A taste of things to come.
Shaking in the afterglow, Natalie clumsily knocked the papers on the floor. She dropped to her knees and started scanning with a furrowed brow.
Dear Ms Marsh,
Congratulations! You have been accepted by PumpLabs to participate in the exclusive prototypical phase of our latest range of workout enhancing products: The PumpSuit! (Patent pending).
Here at PumpLabs, we monitor the progress of budding ‘athletes’ from all over the globe, and in light of your social media campaign, our executive group of elite fitness and nutrition experts unanimously agreed that you could use our help.
Our hearts here at PumpLabs are too big to watch another potential ‘athlete’ fighting against the tide. We feel the need to help those athletes who need that final step. We recognise struggling ‘athletes’ like yourself, and are always quick to recognise when assistance is needed – as we have no
:iconpoddy90:Poddy90 27 4
Natalie and the Pumpsuit
Natalie was so giddy her signature on the delivery man’s clipboard was nothing short of an indecipherable scribble. With one hand already around the heavily taped and fairly large cardboard box, and the other shakily handing back the pen, the man was gone and she was rummaging for the kitchen scissors before the front door had swung shut. The box was surprisingly heavy, she thought, as her forearm gently trembled under the weight.
She soon had it sliced open, but inside, the contents were sparing. There were three blue, yellow and white plastic tubs of varying size, some plastic wrapped garments that resembled lycra tops, and some text-filled sheets of stapled A4 titled ‘Congratulations!’ on top. Natalie scrunched her button nose and cocked an eyebrow. A ‘sponsorship deal’ had had a lot more grandeur in her imagination.
Speaking of which she thought, she grabbed her phone from the table, deftly selected the camera, raised an outstretched arm, straig
:iconpoddy90:Poddy90 60 7
Heather gits big by hbomby2k
Mature content
Heather gits big :iconhbomby2k:hbomby2k 130 19
muscles by sgcaio
Mature content
muscles :iconsgcaio:sgcaio 127 7
muscles by sgcaio
Mature content
muscles :iconsgcaio:sgcaio 57 4
muscles by sgcaio
Mature content
muscles :iconsgcaio:sgcaio 109 2



United States
So, I've found my stride again and I really have been enjoying making more realistic drawings. I like it so much that I'll be taking requests from people! So, if you want to see what a female celeb would look like with a muscled up body, send me a note or comment here saying which celeb you want and how big her body should be (if you want a specific bodybuilder, even better). Thanks for your support, watchers!



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