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I'm not too sure that people read these but Imma keep writing for some reason. So I'm back after a lil hiatus and I think I'm still progressing as an artist. I'm trying out different techniques and processes for my drawings and I think I'm slowly but surely finding my niche. Now I'm trying to put together a comic. Nothing too long or complex just a simple, couple-paged comic so I can incorporate my writing with my drawing. So I've got some ideas but I'm indecisive about em. So I need you guys to help me pick one (or a couple if they come out good). Here's some possible plots that I've been thinking of.

1. A girl getting ready for beach season picks up some bronzer from the store to give herself some color. Turns out, wherever she applies the lotion, she grows massive muscles.
2. A gal is approached after a workout by some shady, beefy dude. He gives her a supplement that causes her to instantly grow muscular.
3. Any one of my FMG stories shortened into a comic.
4. Any ideas that you guys have (be creative!!!)

If you guys could comment and pick one or give me an idea of your own I will start working on it as soon as the theme feels do-able.
wellch Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
If you are a Dr Who fan, maybe have Rose be muscular and help defend the 'David Tennent' Dr Who...or have a girl who just barely made the girl baseball team eat some Martian Spinach and get some FMG..and maybe be able to read minds too....r use Hermoine from 'Harry Potter' drink a potion
75thparellel Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011
I actually really like both your ideas. Ive always been a fan of the girl WISHING she was muscular, something along the lines of a short flat chested girl doesnt like being small and wishes she was bigger. Instead of just being taller and bustier she grows huge muscles too. At first shes not sure of the muscle, but the bigger she gets the more she likes it.
Although im sure whatever you draw its going to be awesome.
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January 22, 2011


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